De Carlini 3 Blind Mice Christmas Ornaments

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Three Blind Mice is an old English nursery rhyme and musical round. The earliest known written version was published in 1609 by Thomas Ravenscroft. The origin of this rhyme goes back to English history. It is rumored that the “farmer’s wife” refers to Queen Mary I. She and her husband King Philip of Spain possessed massive estates. Queen Mary I was nicknamed “Bloody Mary” for her violent persecution of Protestants. The Three Blind Mice refers to the 3 protestant loyalists that were accused for plotting against the Queen so they were burned at the stake.

Different versions of this nursery rhyme have been made into short animated videos, children’s books and these three mice even made an appearance in the animated movie, Shrek.

The Cottage Shop offers the De Carlini 3 Blind Mice Christmas Ornaments which are each decorated with a colored suit jacket, bowtie, top hat, glasses and holds a cane. This set would preserve one of your favorite nursery rhymes for years to come!   

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