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Crystal Collectibles Figurines

Crystal collectibles figurines. Brand new finest Austrian Crystal collectible figurines havd arrived at The Cottage Shop for the Crystal miniature and crystal figurines colletor! All our brand new Crystal figurines are hand made by artisans using only the finest 32% lead Austrian Crystal.
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Crystal Multicolor Duck

$78.00 $55.00

Crystal Teddy with Sailboat

$110.00 $58.00

Crystal Butterfly Collectible

$175.00 $125.00

Crystal Mouse on Cheese Collectible

$75.00 $48.00

Crystal Frog with Saxophone Collectible

$135.00 $75.00

Computer Love Crystal Collectible

$75.00 $48.00

Crystal Teddies Playing Pool

$350.00 $275.00

Crystal Carry- On Luggage

$89.00 $65.00

Crystal Cat Figurine

$145.00 $99.00

Baby Frog Crystal Figurine

$110.00 $65.00

Santa with Christmas Tree Crystal Figurine

$175.00 $145.00

Caterpillar Crystal Figurine

$145.00 $99.00

Finest Austrian Crystal Teddy on Airplane Figurine

$99.00 $58.00