De Carlini Alice in Wonderland Christmas Ornaments

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Published in 1865 by Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland became one of the best-known and most popular works of fiction. The imagery, narrative and characters have greatly influenced both popular culture and literature. Many adaptions of this story were made for stage, art, board games, screen, video games and much more.

Alice is a young girl who while sitting on a riverbank, drowsy, spots a white rabbit fully dressed with a pocket watch. She follows the rabbit down a hole and suddenly falls down a long hall of locked doors. This begins the many chapters of illusions, adventures, obstacles and resolves for Alice. The Cottage Shop offers the De Carlini Alice Christmas Ornament which is decorated in a blue dress with a white pinafore. The De Carlini Alice in White Christmas Ornament is decorated in a knee-length puffed sleeve dress with a red hair ribbon.

The White Rabbit works for the Duchess and is a herald in the Queen of Heart’s court. He is seen hurrying while looking at his pocket watch. He always seems to be late and moving about. He unintentionally becomes Alice’s guide through Wonderland. Wherever he ends up, Alice follows behind. The De Carlini Alice Rabbit Christmas Ornament is wearing a waistcoat, bowtie, glasses and is holding a pocket watch.

The Cheshire Cat belongs to the Duchess. Alice meets him when she leaves the Duchess’ house. He is sitting in a tree, grinning. He is able to disappear and reappear whenever he likes and even can leave his grin behind. He is the only character in Wonderland who listens to Alice. He teaches her the rules of Wonderland and gives her insight into how things work. The De Carlini Black and White Cat Ornament is painted with stripes and has a huge Cheshire grin.

Alice arrives at the Mad Tea Party where she meets The Mad Hatter. He is rude and provokes Alice with riddles during the tea party. He is later called as a witness during the Who Stole the Tarts trail by the Queen. The De Carlini Madhatter Italian Christmas Ornament is decorated in a top hat with a price tag on it and a tailored brown suit.

The King of Hearts is the husband to the Queen of Hearts. He is kinder than the queen but a little juvenile. When the queen is distracted, he quietly pardons those the queen orders to be beheaded. The De Carlini King of Cards Italian Glass Christmas Ornament is decorated in a fur lined robe with a crown and staff.

The Queen of Hearts rules over Wonderland. She is a tyrant and is always ordering her subjects to be beheaded. She enjoys playing croquet using her own rules. The De Carlini Queen of Hearts Christmas Ornament is decorated with playing card suits, crown and neck ruffles. This item is currently on back order. If you are interested, place your order to be put on our priority list!

In 1871, Lewis Carroll published Through the Looking-Glass. Alice climbs through a mirror into a world where everything is reversed. In this world, Alice meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee which she recognizes from a nursery rhyme. Due to a disagreement, these two brothers suited up for battle until a large crow scares them. Afterwards, they forget about their disagreement. The De Carlini Tweedle Dum Italian Glass Christmas Ornament and the De Carlini Tweedle Dee Italian Glass Christmas Ornament are dressed alike and have their names written on their capes.

Alice then encounters Humpty Dumpty sitting on top of a narrow wall. He is celebrating his unbirthday which occurs 364 days a year that is not his birthday. Alice warns him that he will fall. She starts to recite the poem to herself but Humpty Dumpty does not want to listen. He proceeds to explain Jabberwocky to her. He lets Alice know that her face is ordinary and he would not recognize her if they were ever to meet again. Before she can respond, a great crash shakes the forest and Humpty Dumpty falls. The De Carlini Humpty Dumpty Christmas Ornament is shaped like an egg, wears a neck tie, and has his legs in the seated position.  

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