De Carlini Beauty Belle Christmas Ornament

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The tale of Beauty and the Beast has been retold many times over the years. The oldest version, La Belle et la Bête, was written in 1740 by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. This version includes a lot of subplots and more in-dept back stories on the main characters. An updated version was written in 1756 by Jeane-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. This was translated in English in 1757. In 1946, French poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau directed an adaptation to Beaumont’s story. This film added Belle’s suitor who plots to kill the Beast but turns into a beast himself in the end. In Russia, their version of Beauty and the Beast is called The Scarlet Flower. In 1981, Czechoslovakian film, Panna a Netvor, told a story about a merchant’s daughter held prisoner by a winged beast. Television show, Beauty and the Beast from 1897-1990, starred a man-beast who lives in a secret utopia under the city and a NY district attorney who falls in love with him. This series was re-made in 2012 and starred a homicide detective and a beast created by military medical experiments. Disney produced the infamous animated film in 1991 which was re-made into a live action film in 2017. This enchanted tale has captured the hearts of millions and will continue to fuel the imagination for years to come.

The De Carlini Beauty Belle Christmas Ornament is decorated in a pink dress lined with lace with blue accents.

The De Carlini Beau in Blue Christmas Ornament has hair like a lion, painted beast-like face and is dressed in a royal blue outfit with a cape.

The De Carlini Lumiere Christmas Ornament is painted in gold with glitter and is shaped like a candelabra. The painted red and orange flames bring this item to life!

The De Carlini Grandfather Clock Christmas Ornament is painted brown with yellow and gold. The face is painted with a clock arms mustache.

The De Carlini Little Cup Christmas Ornament has an adorably painted facial expression and a gold glitter handle as a nose.

The De Carlini Mrs Potts Christmas Ornament is shaped like a teapot with a ruffled hat and spout nose. 

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