De Carlini Cat King Christmas Ornament

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In 1963, Maurice Sendak published the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are. This story tells the tale of a misbehaved boy named Max who, after his mother sends him to bed without dinner, falls asleep and dreams of a moonlit forest surrounded by an ocean.  Once in the forest, he discovers wild creatures and he becomes their king. Together, they shout, stomp, dance and swing from trees. Once Max has had enough, he tries to get the wild creatures to stop. They won’t listen so he threatens to send them to be without dinner. He realizes how hard it is to be in charge and misses his mother. Max begins to understand his mother’s point of view and why she sent him to bed without dinner.

This book was considered groundbreaking for its honesty of children’s emotions. It is a tool used to assist children with anger management and teaches them to channel their tempers creatively. It also explains the purpose of disciplinary actions.

In 1964, it won the Caldecott Medal which recognizes the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children. In the 1980s, Oliver Knussen worked with Maurice to compose a fantasy opera based on the book. In 2009, Spike Jonze directed a movie adaption.   

Maurice Sendak intended to write about his own experiences growing up in Brooklyn and his relationship with his parents. He lost many family members during the Holocaust. As a child, he was confined to his bed due to health problems. He used writing and illustrations as a form of self-expression.

The De Carlini Cat King Christmas Ornament is dressed in an animal costume and wearing a gold crown. This item is sculpted to look like he is stomping.

The De Carlini Cat with Horns Christmas Ornament has a painted striped shirt and a detailed painted face. This mischievous looking item completes this pair!  

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