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American cartoonist and children’s author, William Steig, was responsible for creating some of the best well-known picture books and is hailed for his cartoonist work. Starting in 1930, he produced more than 2,600 drawings and 117 covers for The New Yorker. He also published over 30 children’s books.

In 1969, William Steig published Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. This children’s story involves a donkey named Sylvester Duncan who finds a magic pebble. When a lion appears, he becomes frightened and wishes that he was a rock. Once turned into a rock, he is no longer to hold the pebble in order to make another wish. He remains a rock until one day, his parents have a picnic on the rock that Sylvester was turned into. His father finds the pebble and places it on top of the rock. At that moment, Sylvester wishes to be a donkey again and reunites with his family.

In 1990, William Steig published Shrek! where a repugnant green ogre leaves home to see the world. When starting his travels, he comes across a witch that gives him a fortune that he will marry a princess. Shrek sets off on his journey to find her. Along the way, he runs into a pheasant carrying peasants, ends up fighting a dragon, has nightmares about happy children, meets a talkative donkey, fights a knight and meets an ugly princess that he instantly falls in love with and gets married.

These children stories laid the foundation for DreamWorks’ Shrek. This animated comedy is about a gross ill-mannered ogre being annoyed by an invasion of fairy tale characters finds himself falling in love with an equally gross princess that so happens to be a princess. These characters have become huge figures in pop culture in countries all over the world.

The De Carlini Donkey Ornament has a painted goofy face and is a fan favorite for any child!

The De Carlini Green Giant Christmas Ornament is decorated in a white belted tunic with a brown vest that appears too small for this green loving giant.

The De Carlini Princess Fiona Italian Ornament is decorated in a lavender gown lined with embroidery and orange colored hair wrapped in an up-do accompanied with a gold tiara. This item has a feminine painted face and would be the perfect addition to your fairy tale collection!   

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