De Carlini Japanese Lady and Man Christmas Ornaments

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New to our 2020 collection, the De Carlini Japanese Couple Ornaments are romantic and very detailed! The De Carlini Japanese Woman Ornament is decorated in a gold embroidered red kimono and the De Carlini Japanese Man Ornament is decorated in a red and gold traditional kimono with black and white embroidered flowers and a topknot hairstyle.

Early Japanese culture was heavily influenced by China through Buddhism, Confucianism and other elements of Chinese culture. Between the 17th and 19th century, Japan implemented the Sakoku policy which isolated itself from the rest of the world. In this time, Christianity was forbidden and international trade was limited and only to be conducted with specific entities. The Japanese government enforced strict guidelines and imposed the death penalty for those who contacted the outside world.

During the Heian period from 794 to 1185, the first ancestor of the kimono was created. This style consisted of straight cut fabric sewn together. This garment fit every body shape, was easy to wear and suitable for all weather. The layering of the kimono for warmth became fashionable with pairing different colors together. During the Edo period from 1603 to 1868, the Kosode was created which was a unisex outer garment with smaller sleeves. During the Edo period from 1603 to 1868 and Meiji period from 1868 to 1912, the kimono transformed to the popular style used today.

Kimonos are generally only worn during important occasions and special holidays. For example, Japanese women will wear them at the ages of 3 and 7 during November when they visit their family shrines to give thanks for being alive and in good health. They will also wear them when they are 20 for their coming of age ceremony in January. Lastly, they wear them during their wedding ceremony.  

Over the years, Western influence has changed all aspects of Japanese culture including food, lifestyle, art and clothing. In return, Japanese culture has influenced other cultures globally through music, movies and animation. The absorption of different cultures has created a unique blend of Japan and western in modern day life.

The De Carlini Japanese Lady in Orange Christmas Ornament is decorated in a modern orange slit dress with flowers and a painted one shoulder gold top.

The De Carlini Japanese Lady in Pink Dress Ornament is decorated in a pink floral kimono and her hair in an updo with kanzashi sicks.

The De Carlini Japanese Lady in Red Christmas Ornament is decorated in a red kimono with gold designs, gold waistband and gold hair flower.  

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