De Carlini North Pole Santa Ornament

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Santa Claus’ origins can be traced to Saint Nicholas of Myra who had strong Christian beliefs and an affinity for gift giving. The legend of his generosity spread throughout the world and gave hope to those who needed it. It wasn’t until cartoonist, Thomas Nast, created illustrations for the Harper’s Weekly from 1863 to 1886. His version of Santa Claus was robust and jolly. He worked alone in his workshop at the North Pole and used a spyglass from his home to check on which children were naughty and nice. These drawings set the scene of the magical north pole that we all know today.


The De Carlini North Pole Santa Ornament is decorated in a traditional red suit lined in white fur, holding a sack full of wrapped gifts and a staff with “North Pole” painted on it. Every charming detail of this item will make any customer satisfied!   

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