De Carlini Poos in Boots Cat Christmas Ornament

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Puss in Boots has gained popularity in more recent years due to an ogre and his adventures in an animated comedy known as Shrek. Long before teaming up with this film sensation, the origin of Puss in Boots can be traced to 1550 in an Italian tale, Costantino Fortunato written by Giovanni Francesco Straparola, which tells a story about the youngest son of a poor family that gains the lordship of a powerful kingdom with the help of his cat. The most popular version of this story was written by Charles Perrault in the Mother Goose Tales.  The legendary tricks of this cat dressed in boots has inspired the DreamWorks character and has become a figurine in pop culture.

The De Carlini Poos in Boots Cat Christmas Ornament is painted with orange stripes and dressed in red boots, blue hat and carries a brown sack. This adorable item will preserve another tale told by the infamous Charles Perrault.  

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