De Carlini Robin Hood Set of Italian Ornaments

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The legend of Robin Hood dates back to as early as the 14th century. English ballads of his heroic deeds and adventures were poetic expressions of popular aspirations during the era of baronial rebellions and agrarian discontent. Robin Hood and his companions robbed and killed representatives of authority and gave their gains to the poor. His revolt against authority stemmed from the resentment over the laws restricting hunting rights in the forest. The sheriff of Nottingham was a common enemy referenced in the ballads. Robin Hood was not seeking to overthrow the upper class but he wanted to dispose of the corrupt elements of social order. In the mid-13th century, petty criminals were nicknamed Robin or Robert Hood and it is believed the tale of The Robin Hood stemmed from these fugitives. Many writers believed Robin Hood lived during the reign of Richard the Lionheart. Another common enemy of Robin Hood is Prince John and his brother, the imprisoned Richard I.

By the 1600s, there were over 200 references to Robin Hood in poems, ballads and other writings. Maid Marian appeared in the 16th century as Robin’s love interest and has been associated with May Day. She is portrayed as a shepherdess who is confident, beautiful and sincere. At first, she was the subject of a separate series of ballads but was incorporated into the tales with the marriage between her and Robin. When the stories about Robin Hood gave him noble status, Maid Marian was also given nobility status.

Some other characters associated with Robin Hood are Little John, Will Scarlett, Much the Miller’s son, Friar Tuck and Alan a Dale.  

The origin of this legend will always be linked to endless possibilities and historically it can’t be proven with physical evidence because it remained alive in ballads. Fabrications of the truth developed over the centuries and have been adapted into films, television series, various literatures.    

The De Carlini Robin Hood Christmas Ornament is decorated in a tan tunic, green tights, brown boots and holds a bow. This camouflage look was useful for hiding in the woods.

The De Carlini Maid Marian Christmas Ornament is decorated in a green dress with pink sleeves and white headdress.

The De Carlini Friar Tuck Christmas Ornament is decorated in a belted rope and sandals which was common garments worn by friars in the medieval era. Friar Tuck appeared in modern stories of Robin Hood and was a frequent figure in the May Games festivals during the 15th through 17th centuries.

The De Carlini Sheriff from Robin Hood Christmas Ornament is decorated in a blue tunic with embroidered collar and matching red hat. The sheriffs in the medieval era collected revenue, upheld legal proceedings and reported directly to the king. They were dressed in clothes of nobility. 

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