De Carlini Snow White Set of Christmas Ornaments

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Published in 1812 by the Grimm Brothers, the 19th-century German Fairy Tale, Snow White, was included in the first edition of their collection. The fairy tale is one of the most famous and popular in the Western world. It has been adapted into plays, films and parodies.

Princess Snow White’s mother passed away when she was born. When Snow White is 1, the king marries an evil power-hungry queen.  The queen was very jealous of Snow White’s beauty. She hires a hunter to execute Snow White in the woods and wants him to bring back her heart. Snow White begs the hunter to let her go and that she would leave the kingdom. The hunter is sympathetic and lets her go. He brings the heart of a wild animal to the queen.

Snow White runs deep into the woods and comes across a small cottage belonging to 7 dwarves. They make a deal with her. She can live with them in exchange for housekeeping work. They warn Snow White to never answer the door.

The queen realized that the hunter fooled her when she asks her magic mirror who is the fairest of them all and it replies Snow White. She makes several attempts to kill Snow White by posing as merchants. She finally succeeds when she dresses up as a pauper and laces an apple with poison. Snow White bites the apple and falls into a deep sleep. The dwarves return and believe Snow White is dead. They put her body in a casket made of glass. The De Carlini Snow White Witch Christmas Ornament is decorated in pauper clothes and hold a wicker basket.

A prince wanders through the forest and sees the glass casket. The dwarves tell him the story and let him move the casket to a grave. The casket stumbles and the piece of poison apple falls out of Snow White’s mouth. Snow White wakes up and the prince professes his love for her. Snow White agrees to marry him. They invite everyone and the evil queen to the wedding.

The queen asks her mirror again who is the fairest one of all and it responds the “prince’s bride”. The queen attends the wedding and sees Snow White. The prince declares the queen as an enemy of the kingdom and tortures her. The queen dies at the wedding and Snow White and the prince live happily.  

The Cottage Shop offers the De Carlini Snow White Set of Christmas Ornaments. Snow White has a painted red and white dress with a laced-up bodice. Each dwarf is decorated to show their unique personality. This ornament set will bring this story to life on your Christmas tree!   

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