Dealer Bulldog German Beer Stein

Manufacturer: German Beer Steins
MSRP: $225.00
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This is the eighth edition behind Bulldog I, Bulldog II, Labrador, Shepherd, Dalmatian, Scottie and Fox Hound in our Man's Best Friend Series and our third visit to the ever popular Bulldog. On this occasion, the Bulldog is impeccably dressed as a card dealer with collar shirt & vest, bow tie, garter on sleeve, visor & glasses. In front of him is a table full of cards, chips, bottle and glass. He is the perfect companion to the cigar smoker & musician, always enjoying the finer things in life. The handle of the stein is most appropriately a stack of poker chips and a slot machine with outpouring gold coins is at the rear of the stein. As with its predecessors, the Dealer Bulldog stein is porcelain and hand painted. It is a limited edition of 5,000 pieces.


0.75 Liter. 10 " High.