English Armour German Beer Stein

Manufacturer: German Beer Steins
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The inspiration for this stein is the actual historical helmet used in jousting tournaments during medieval times. The air holes are in the shapes of crosses and fluer de lis accented with black glazing, as is the visor from which the jousting knights were to see out. These helmets were known for their ornamentation and therefore the pewter lion with shield and sword is appropriate on top of this stein. In some cases actual birds in cages were mounted on these helmets! Jousting knights in raised-relief detail appear on the chest plate of the helmet. The flowing plumage is painted in England's colors of red & white, and forms the handle of the stein. The armor is accented with platinum and gold-leaf. The shield of the lion also carries the England flag colors. Limited edition of 999 pieces.


1 Liter. 11"High.