James Meger Bald Eagle German Beer Stein

Manufacturer: German Beer Steins
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Stoneware, raised-relief and transfer decoration. The full-color wrap-around motif was specifically created for this stein by award-winning wildlife artist James A. Meger. On the left side of the stein we see a close-up detailed view of a perched eagle in front of a forest of tall pines. A gliding hunting eagle with wings spread is seen amidst clouds, mountains, and forests on the right side of the stein. Study the scene closely and a third eagle can be seen in the background, as well as two herds of elk. The stein features raised-relief top and bottom bands consisting of pine cones, evergreen branches, oak leaves, and acorns. This pattern is repeated on the relief pewter lid. The thumblift is in the shape of an oak leaf.



0.5 Liter. 8"High.