Limoges 6 Macarons Floral Bouquet Box

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The delightful macaron has been a fan favorite for centuries.  It evolved from the original Italian macaron that was an almond meringue cookie. Macaron is derived from two Italian words; Maccherone which means fine dough and ammaccare which means to crush. These macarons were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. These early macarons were made of sugar, almond flour and egg whites. In 1533, Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici brought the macaron cookies to France when she married the future King Henry II. During the French Revolution, two Carmelite nuns baked and sold macarons to pay for housing. The French macarons that are well-known today were invented by Pierre Defontaines Laduree in the 20th century. He wanted to join two almond meringues together with ganache in between. Over the years, macarons were made in all types of colors and flavors. They are filled with a layer of buttercream, jams or ganache. Today, macarons are a symbol of France’s way of life and pastry making skills. They are a supreme example of balance, refinement and elegance.      

The Limoges 6 Macarons Flower Bouquet Box is painted with a variety of flowers on top fastened together with a blue ribbon and includes 6 porcelain macarons.

The Limoges French Eiffel Tower Box with 6 Macaroons is one of our most popular items and would make the perfect gift for all occasions!