Limoges Great Wall of China Wall Postcard Box

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The Great Wall of China is one of the largest building-construction projects ever undertaken. It was built over 2 millennia by many imperial dynasties and kingdoms. The Great Wall consists of numerous walls and stretches 13,171 miles across northern China and southern Mongolia. The average height of the wall is 23 to 26 feet and the width is about 21.3 feet at the base and 19 feet at the top. The latest best preserved and most extensive part of the wall was constructed by the rulers of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in order to prevent another Mongolian invasion. This part of the wall is about 5,500 miles east to west from Mount Hu near Dandong to Jiayu Pass west of Jiuquan. Much of the wall is in ruins or has disappeared. About 1/4th of the wall consists of natural barriers such as rivers and mount ridges. The Great Wall served as defense and to centralize control of trade and travel. There are 25,000 watchtowers built along the Great Wall that were used to send military communications. In 1987, the Great Wall was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has been incorporated into Chinese mythology and is a symbol of unification and power.

The Limoges Chinese Wall Suitcase Box with StoneLimoges China Boot Box and Limoges China Wall Postcard Box are painted with beautiful green mountainsides showing the intricate trail of the Great Wall.