Limoges Halloween Gift Shop Box

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A Limoges Halloween Gift Shop Box, exclusive to the Cottage Shop! 


A very unique Limoges Halloween Box with a witch and a ghost, specially created for The Cottage Shop to add to your for your Limoges Halloween Boxes Collection. Please take a look at the detail on the back of the box. On the Front of this Limoges Box: a Limoges Statuette of Mrs Witch, the Shop Owner, a Limoges little Black Cat at the Front Door and a Limoges Ghost is the Security Video Camera on the Roof of this lively Limoges Halloween Gift Shop Box, a great whimsicalLimoges box idea , exclusive to The Cottage Shop for your Limoges Boxes Halloween Collection or to surprise a friend with the Perfect Limoges Box Gift for Halloween.

From Limoges, France. 2,75 x 1,5 x 3.