Limoges Porcini Mushroom Jar Box

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Porcini mushrooms can be traced back to ancient Rome. The Romans prized Porcini mushrooms and cooked them in special containers. In Italian, Porcini means piglets. Pigs enjoyed eating these mushrooms and were nicknamed the Hog mushroom. In the 18th century, Porcini mushrooms were loved by royalty and other aristocrats. Porcini mushrooms are native to Europe and North America but have spread to other regions around the world. Porcinis are one of the world’s most consumed wild mushrooms. They grow wild and are the most desired. Their umami flavor compliments many popular dishes. When dried, porcinis can keep for an extended period of time. They are high in protein, fiber and amino acids. They are also low in carbs and sugars. Their vitamin and mineral content will vary depending on what soil they grow from. Porcinis promote cardiovascular health and boost the immune system. Some studies even show that populations that consume large quantities of porcini have correlated with lower cancer rates.

The Limoges Porcini Mushroom Jar Box has a painted field of wild porcini and includes a porcelain mushroom.