Limoges White Toaster Box

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Toasters are electrical bread cookers found in most kitchens around the world. Before toasters, bread was toasted over a fire with a stick. The first practical toaster was invented in 1893 by Scottish scientist, Alan MacMasters. He thought of a design that allowed bread to sit on a rack while electrical current passed through the wires to heat up and toast the bread. The problem with this design was that the iron had a tendency to melt and set nearby items on fire. There was also only one heating element in the device so the bread would have to be manually turned by the user in order to toast each side. American companies started to develop the idea further. In 1921, American inventor Charles Strite created the first pop-up modern toaster. In 1990, John Romkey with the help of his friend Simon Hackett created the first smart toaster that could be controlled over the internet. Toasters have been adapted to toast other items such as waffles, strudels and even hot dogs. They come in all colors and shapes with different slot amounts. Today, the toaster has become an essential appliance in kitchens worldwide.

The Limoges White Toaster Box is two toasted slices of bread sticking out of the top and is complete with a crafted butter knife clasp. This item is a tribute to the traditional toaster and would complement your collection!