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Russian Matryoshkas and Collectibles

New Russian Matryoshkas and Collectibles have arrived at The Cottage Shop!
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Russian Village Wooden Egg on Stand

$55.00 $39.00

One Russian Folklore Traditional Costume Lady

$79.00 $44.00

Russian Wooden Priest and Nun Ornaments

$45.00 $35.00

Russian Pink Floral Matryoshkas Set of 10.

$89.00 $49.00

Russian Wooden handpainted Frogs Matryoshkas Nesting Dolls

$59.00 $45.00

Snowmaiden with Rabbit Russian Wooden Matryoshkas Nesting Dolls

$155.00 $125.00

Russian Mini Icon Nesting Dolls

$99.00 $65.00

Russian Matryoshka Firebird Collectibles Dolls

$65.00 $45.00

Russian Ladies in Red with Flowers Matryoshka Dolls

$110.00 $65.00

Russian Orange Matryoshkas with Blue Flowers Russian Dolls

$65.00 $39.00

Russian Natural Wood Samovar Matryoshkas Doll

$75.00 $44.00

Russian Roly Poly Wooden Angel

$59.00 $38.00

Russian Village Scenes Wooden Matryoshka Russian Doll

$110.00 $65.00

Russian Winter Troyka at Market Matryoshka Doll

$105.00 $65.00

Russian Wooden Matryoshka with BLue Flowers Doll

$145.00 $89.00

Russian Wooden Hand painted Matryoshkas with Multicolor Veils

$78.00 $48.00

Russian Wooden Hand Painted Matryoshka with Shawl and Veils

$77.00 $49.00

Russian Happy Ladies Matryoshka Wooden dolls

$88.00 $49.00

Russian Multicolor Wooden Ladies with Bow Matryoshka

$88.00 $49.00

Russian Hand Painted Wooden Matryoshka with Multicolor Dresses

$99.00 $55.00

Russian Hand Painted Wooden Pink and Green Samovar Matryoshka

$70.00 $44.00

Russian Wooden White Matryoshkas with Churches

$112.00 $65.00

Russian Wooden Hand Painted Girl with Cat Matryoshka

$120.00 $65.00

Russian Natural Wood Gold Samovar Matryoshka Doll

$78.00 $44.00