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Limoges Wine Press Box

$175.00 $145.00

Limoges Women Gossip Heart Box with Heart

$199.00 $165.00

Limoges Yellow Basket with Flowers Box

$177.00 $148.00

Limoges Yellow Basket with Violets Box

$177.00 $139.00

Limoges Yellow Teapot with a Rose Box

$145.00 $125.00

Matryoshkas Italian Glass Christmas Ornaments set of 3

$145.00 $99.00

Polish Glass Hand Painted Clown Christmas Ornament

$45.00 $35.00

Russian Family Wooden Matryoshka Doll

$99.00 $75.00

Russian Santa and Snowmaiden Collectible Ornaments

$59.00 $45.00

Set of Santas Italian Glass Round Ornaments

$54.00 $39.00