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De Carlini Bees Christmas Ornaments


The Cottage Shop carries a variety of De Carlini bee ornaments. These adorable unique ornaments add the perfect touch to nay Christmas tree! De Carlini Club members will be notified of any new selections and will have the opportunity to purchase before they become available to the general public. If you are interested, join today and receive $10.00 off your purchase!

There are over 20,000 species of bee around the world. Bees live on nectar and pollen. They transfer pollen between flowering plants and in return helps keep the cycle of life turning. One bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day. Bees are the most important pollinator of food crops. One third of the food we consume each day rely on pollination by bees. Bees contribute to interconnecting ecosystems which allow diverse species to co-exist. Bees build elaborate hives and their pollination is vital in the growth of woodlands and tropical forests which are home to millions of animals and insects.  

There are 7 species and 44 subspecies of honeybees in the world. Honeybees are known for their production of honey and usage of wax to create nests. People have been exploiting honeybees for almost 9,000 years. Scientists have examined over 6,000 pottery vessels, cave paintings and other evidence in order to determine when and where ancient people began harvesting honey and wax. Researchers suspect that bee products were used for food, religious ceremonies and early medicines. Today, the bee population is on the decline across the world due to loss of their habitat, exposure to pesticides and the effect of climate change.

The honeybee hive consists of a single queen, a few hundred drones and a thousand worker bees. The queen bee is the largest bee in the colony and is responsible for laying eggs. The queen’s stinger can be used multiple times and survive. The drone bees are the larger bees hanging around the outside of the hive. Their primary role is to mate with the queen. Once they have mated, the drones will die. The worker bees keep the hive functioning. These female bees are the smallest and they work endlessly to pollinate, process incoming nectar, feed the queen, feed the drones, cap the honey and nurture and feed larvae. Their long tongues are important to enable them to suck the nectar out of flowers.

The collection of nectar from flowers is brought into the hive where the bees consume, digest and regurgitate. This process creates honey which serves as stored food for the bees. For centuries, honey has been used for its’ health benefits. People use honey as a substitute for refined sugar. Honey contains important antioxidants including organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. These antioxidants have been linked to lower blood pressure. Honey leads to modest reductions in total and “bad” LDL cholesterol while raising “good” HDL cholesterol. Honey has been used to treat wounds and burns because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It also can be used as a cough suppressant that is natural and safe.     

The De Carlini Queen Bee Christmas Ornament is decorated in a gold glitter crown and red neck ruffle.

The De Carlini Mrs Bee Christmas Ornament sits upon a flower and sticks out her long worker bee tongue.

The De Carlini Mr Bee with Flower Christmas Ornament holds a flower with stem and wears a green scarf.

The De Carlini Halloween Bee Christmas Ornament wears a black witches hat with a matching black cape.

The De Carlini Graduation Bee Christmas Ornament is decorated with a graduates cap and classes while holding a pen.

The De Carlini Doctor Bee Christmas Ornament is wearing a white doctor’s coat, stethoscope and glasses while holding a medical bag.

The De Carlini Blue Bee Christmas Ornament is painted in a bright blue with gold bow.

The De Carlini Bee Chef with Pasta Ornament is decorated in a white chef’s hat, red neck tie and hold a plate of spaghetti with sauce.

The De Carlini Baby Bee Boy Christmas Ornament is painted with thin blue stripes with glitter, polka dots and a blue glitter bow.

The De Carlini Bride Bee Christmas Ornament wears a white tulle veil attached to pearls and a white dress. This item holds a bouquet of white roses.

The De Carlini Bee Groom Christmas Ornament wears a black top hat and a detailed dress coat with a white rose boutonniere.   

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De Carlini Mr Bee with Flower Christmas Ornament

$52.00 $39.00

De Carlini Mrs Bee Christmas Ornament

$52.00 $39.00

De Carlini Baby Bee Christmas Ornament

$49.00 $34.00

De Carlini Baby Bee Girl Ornament

$48.00 $42.00

De Carlini Baby Bee Boy Christmas Ornament

$48.00 $35.00

De Carlini Halloween Bee Christmas Ornament

$52.00 $45.00

De Carlini Blue Bee Christmas Ornament

$49.00 $44.00

De Carlini Queen Bee Christmas Ornament

$59.00 $44.00

De Carlini Bee Cook Christmas Ornament

$52.00 $39.00

De Carlini Bee Groom Christmas Ornament

$58.00 $45.00

De Carlini Bride Bee Christmas Ornament

$59.00 $44.00

De Carlini Doctor Bee Christmas Ornament

$58.00 $45.00

De Carlini Graduation Bee Christmas Ornament

$52.00 $45.00