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De Carlini Panda Bears Christmas Ornaments

Giant Pandas have grown in popularity for their incredibly cute and cuddly appearance. Their distinctive white and black fur create unique markings with black fur patches around their eyes, ears, legs and band around the shoulders. The Giant Panda has the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and consumes 25 to 40 pounds of bamboo a day. They spend at least 12 hours a day eating bamboo and sleeps for 2 to 4 hours between meals. Baby pandas are born pink, furless and blind. There are less than 2,000 wild pandas living in Southwestern China and about 600 in captivity. Zoos outside of China must lease pandas from the Chinese government. The proceeds are used for preservation of the wild Giant Pandas.

The De Carlini 2 Panda Bears Christmas Ornaments have cute matching plaid skirts, ruffled neck collars and are holding gifts. Don’t miss out on this adorable ornament set!

The Cottage Shop also offers the De Carlini Mother and Baby Panda Christmas Ornament has painted black patches, matching red bows and jewel eyes. This item would be an added treasure to any collection!

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De Carlini Mother and Baby Panda Christmas Ornament

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De Carlini 2 Panda Bears Christmas Ornaments

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