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Limoges Cheese Boxes

Cheese is a tasty treat that is enjoyed globally. When sheep were first domesticated about 8-10,000 years ago, it is possible that cheese was accidently discovered. Milk used to be stored in containers made of stomachs that contained the enzyme rennet. Rennet caused the milk to coagulate and separate into curds and whey. Another theory is that the practice of salting curdled milk for preservation and also the practice of adding fruit juice to milk resulted in curdling. By the time of ancient Rome, cheese making was widely practiced and popular. Hundreds of varieties were produced and traded across the Roman Empire. The Romans influence refined and improved the cheese making techniques. European immigrants introduced cheese making to other parts of the world. European cheese makers used natural caves to store cheese because caves created the ideal cool and humid environment for aging. Today, there are between 8-10 types of cheese but each can be subcategorized into many thousands of varieties. In France, there are over 1,000 distinct types of cheese grouped into 8 categories. It takes about 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese. Dairy cows eat about 90 pounds of feed a day to produce 2,604 gallons of milk each year. The reason why the flavor of cheese is so desirable is due to the bacteria breakdown process. As the bacteria breaks down the proteins and fats it creates a large number of tasty molecules. Depending on the dairy type, aging and storing, the taste of cheese can be complex. It can be sweet, salty, bitter or stinky and we love it! The Limoges Cheese Dome Box is designed with a variety of porcelain cheese miniatures and would be a great gift for all types of cheese lovers! The Limoges Camembert Cheese Box will bring this soft creamy French cheese to your collection! This item includes a porcelain cheese wheel that fits inside. The Limoges Cheese Wine France Box is shaped like France and has the country regions painted on top accompanied by their cheese and wine. This item will complement your collection! The Limoges Wine and Cheese Wicker Basket Box is painted with grapes along the top with a spread of porcelain cheese.

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Limoges Camembert Cheese Box

$168.00 $145.00
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Limoges Cheese Wine France Box

$225.00 $195.00
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Limoges Cheese Dome Box

$195.00 $145.00
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